Easy Kneeler + FREE 6 Pack Of Gardening Tools

$84.99 $159.99

Do you struggle to bend down, kneel and crouch when gardening due to lower back and knee pain?

Our ALL NEW Easy Kneeler is the answer to your problem.

Get your freedom back and start enjoying simples things like Gardening, Cleaning, kneeling & bending down again pain-free!

Our Kneeler's versatile design eliminates pain during activities, like, gardening, cleaning, kneeling, and any other task that requires you to bend down and work smoothly and effectively. 

10,000+ Happy Customers are already reaping the benefits from our Easy Kneeler, they are now able to kneel for long periods of time outside in the garden doing what they love


Its versatile design means it can be used as a kneeler OR a seat. Easy to maneuver and fold, which means it can be used with ease at any age

You will be able to kneel down on any terrain, whether it be rocks, gravel, bitumen, or very sharp terrain the Kneeler has you covered.

If you suffer from arthritis, knee pain, lower back pain, or any other chronic pain, and you struggle with everyday tasks then our Easy Kneeler is the answer for you. With Durable handles it gives added support when kneeling down and getting back up again, making our kneeler perfect for the elderly and people with knee, hip, leg, and back problems. 



✔️ Perfect for after-surgery recovery.

✔️ Portable and folds up easily.

✔️ 1 deep pocket for gardening tools, seeds & fertiliser.

✔️ Made from superior quality materials to ensure long life and functional effectiveness.

✔️ Versatile - can be used as a seat or kneeling support.

✔️ The soft cushion reduces pressure and fatigue on your knees and lower back.

✔️ Protects your clothes from dirt and grass stains.

✔️ Kneel down on any terrain - keeping your knees comfortable on all surfaces. 

✔️ Durable handles give added support when kneeling down and getting back up again.



✔️ 150kg Maximum Capacity

✔️ Lightweight for easy mobility & storage

✔️ Two storage bags on each side

✔️ Foam pad suitable for sitting or kneeling

✔️ FREE set of 6 Gardening Tools With Every Purchase 



✔️ Net Weight: 2.7kg

✔️ Capacity: 150kg

✔️ Foam Pad Material: EVA

✔️ Body Material: Steel

✔️ Product Dimensions: 60cm x 27cm x 50cm

✔️ Folding Size: 60cm x 28cm x 13cm

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